Looking for a new position and don’t know where to start?

Maureen Rivera, President of Impact Staffing Group, has some great ideas for you!

Maureen Rivera Impact Staffing Group

Maureen Rivera, President, Impact Staffing Group

Three Job Tips for 2023:

#1: Describe your perfect day at the office (or remote office). Take some time to write down the things that make you happy and the tasks you enjoy doing. This will help to narrow down the type of work you would like to do, will give recruiters an idea of your personality and will ensure you do not forget the important things in life – being happy and positive

#2: Before moving on to a new role it is important to have an end result in mind. Many candidates come to us hoping to find a perfect new role but they don’t really know what it is that they want to do now. Is it a higher salary? Better company? Flexible work options (remote or hybrid)? Career opportunities and room for growth? Candidates need to be very clear as this helps us hone our search process so we can present the best side of you to potential companies.

#3: Cover letters are IMPORTANT! It gives recruiters and potential employers a better glimpse of who you are as a candidate, your goals and a better understanding of your job experience. CV’s definitely help candidates to stand out from the crowd. If you really like the opportunity you are applying for, we will take some time and prepare a tailored and smart cover letter. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to Maureen Rivera at (919) 977-5920 or maureen@impactstaffinggroup.com

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