According to Money Magazine’s Aja McClanahan, hiring the right employees for your business can mean the difference between thriving or folding in the hard times. It only makes sense to take the time to pin down a hiring process that brings in the best talent possible.

If you’re wondering how to go about hiring employees, these 3 tips will give you a push on getting started — from posting your position to interviewing, all the way up to sending your potential candidate their job offer letter. Here’s how you can find employees who’ll support your business goals.

Need Employees for Your Small Business? Here are Some Tips…

What are your competitors paying?

Before you create the perfect job post and publish it in every place possible, you should familiarize yourself with your local job market, and what your competitors are offering for similar positions. For instance, knowing whether there’s a shortage versus an excess of available labor helps determine how you set your pay rate, employee benefits and any additional perks.

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How Competitive is the Market?

If your area is experiencing a competitive job market, you’ll need to adjust your hiring strategy accordingly. You may have to offer a higher salary to make your job openings more desirable to top candidates. Other perks such as a car or phone allowances, flexible working conditions including establishing a home office, a monthly meal paid for by your company, stipends for additional health care or healthcare spending accounts can go a long way differentiating you from other companies.For Raleigh’s competitive market, read more here:

Clearly Define Your Open Positions and Responsibilities

You can frustrate good employees if they feel there’s no clear description of their job duties. They won’t know what they should be doing or how you’ll evaluate their performance. The best way to avoid this confusion for both potential and current employees is for business owners to define, in detail, each position’s responsibilities and success metrics.

Start Interviewing the Best Candidates

Hiring employees doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, whether it’s your first employee or your fiftieth. Keeping the essential parts of the interview process, such as a skills assessment or short test project, coupled with a few face-to-face meetings with key personnel shows that you value your candidates’ time and will present a better impression of you as an employer.

Following Up with Candidates You Do Not Select

And please contact the candidate if they do not get the position. Leaving a candidate hanging causes bad feelings and is a reflection of your company. Look at it like a free advertisement for your company. Even if the candidate does not get the role, a little goodwill goes a long way in a competitive industry.

Need Help?

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