On average 50% of potential employees aren’t even showing up for the initial interview!

If you’re in charge of hiring for a company, you understand how frustrating it is to be left hanging by potential employees. You spend time sorting through paperwork, making calls, and reviewing applications just for it to be wasted.

So, how can you find the best candidates for potential employees? By using creative recruiting ideas!

Keep reading to learn more about how to be creative in the hiring process.

1. Hold Events for Hiring

One of the best ways to meet potential employees is to hold events for recruiting and networking purposes.

This gives you the opportunity to meet potential employees in a casual setting. When you meet potential employees in a casual setting, you can learn about who they are outside of the job, as well as why they’d be a great candidate.

Learn about their personality, interests, and background without the pressure of a formal interview!

2. Use Social Media as a Hiring Tool

It’s true that the internet and social media is taking the world by storm, so use this to your advantage!

Social media can be a great tool for meeting potential employees. For example, LinkedIn gives you access to a professional portfolio and a resume. So, you can know the background of your potential employee before you’ve even contacted them.

3. Take a Look at Your Job Description

If you want the best employees to be attracted to your company, you’re going to want to make it sound like the best job!

The best employees are going to look for jobs where they feel safe, taken care of, and valued. Emphasize the benefits and unique points of your company, such as catered lunch days, team-building trips, or resources.

4. Offer Employee Referral Incentives

One of the best ways to gain valuable employees is to lean on the valuable employees you already have.

Employee referrals from employees that you trust are incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, not enough employees use the employee referral program. To change this, you can offer incentives for successful referrals.

For example, if your employee refers somebody to you that you choose to hire, you could offer incentives in the form of gift cards, vacation time, or bonuses!

5. Make Your Company Easy To Apply To

While it can be nerve-wracking to make your application easily accessible where people can apply for your job openings with ease, you may attract some of the best employees.

This is because when we look for jobs, we often need to find one quickly. If we have to jump through all kinds of hoops to apply, we’re more likely to move on to a similar company.

To make your application process more convenient, offer an online portal that accepts resumes, an application, and a cover letter with the option to save your progress and come back to it.

Switch up your traditional hiring process with creative recruiting ideas!

If you aren’t attracting the employees you’d like to, it may be time to practice some creative recruiting ideas.

To learn more about recruiting the best employees, reach out to Michelle Owens & Maureen Rivera for tips! We’re happy to help!