Social distancing and measures already taken by the state — like North Carolina Governor Cooper’s executive order banning mass gatherings and his shutdown of dine-in restaurants and bars — were all done “to slow this virus.”

Coronavirus-prescribed social distancing does not equate to postponing your job search. This may be the best time yet to make new connections and maybe even land your next job.

So, how can you stay connected while looking for a job remotely? By using these three creative job seeking ideas!

1. Use Zoom and Skype

Some companies have moved to freeze hiring until the economic impact of the Coronavirus is made clear, but many others are continuing to recruit in a bid to prevent a business slowdown.

Utilizing Zoom and Skype are good ways to stay connected to recruiters and hiring managers. Keep the lines of communication open so that when the freeze wanes, you already have some headway in your job search.

There are benefits for both sides when it comes to virtual interviewing – it speeds the process up, it’s easier for everyone’s schedule, and it can also help keep you front and center with hiring managers who may not be able to take time from their current job to stay on top of in-person interviews.

Keep employers/hiring managers/recruiters well-informed at each stage of the interview process. Without being able to give them a warm, in-person reception, it’s especially important to show them their time and efforts are valued.

2. Build a Pipeline of “Dream Jobs”

Even if you know the company does not have open positions, work on building up your pipeline of contacts in a variety of areas so that you don’t have to scramble when the freeze wanes. If you are looking for a job in finance, not only reach out to the recruiter but also the controller. Have 2-5 contacts at your dream company so that you are ready to go.

As contributor, H.V. MacArthur writes, proactively pick up the phone and contact potential hiring managers. It sounds old-fashioned but in this time of social distancing, many employers will appreciate a warm phone call to see how they are faring in these uncertain times.

What better time than now to go through your contacts and set “catch up” calls to reconnect with friends, former colleagues and others who may be able to help you network.

3. Update Your Linkedin Profile

Since most employees and employers are working remotely, many are very active on social media both professionally and socially. Using LinkedIn to connect with potential contacts is an easy tool.

According to Debra Mathias of Connect to Clients, your profile is your digital business card and the most important thing that you can do to brand, market, promote or find a career for yourself is on LinkedIn. Look at your 1st level of connections and see who these connections know so you can ask for an introduction of a potential employer.
When you come across interesting people in your second- or third-level connections, read their profile, find something of interest to comment on and ask to connect. Connections you make now and foster over time may lead to your next interview.
Most important, update your own professional profile with a professional headshot, contact information, and detailed job description to helps potential employers find you.

Switch up your traditional job search process with creative ideas!

If you aren’t attracting the employers you’d like to, it may be time to practice some creative job search ideas.

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